May 29, 2014
1 Month and 11 days left
until our celebration.
The SLPD SWAT Fitness Challenge is an endurance race designed to promote teamwork and sportsmanship. The event requires 4 SWAT team members to complete 6 consecutive events in a single day.  These events include rowing, running, crossfit style exercises and shooting.  We encourage spectators to come and support their teams.  Please share your thoughts in our guest book.
This year we have adopted the George Mark Children's House as our charity.  The George Mark Children's House supports families from throughout our region who have children that are facing serious medical conditions.  As a group of competitors and sponsors, we are committed to raising $25,000 for this great cause.  Our supporters should donate by clicking on our websites donation tabs.  100% of the donations into the weblink go to the charity. The George Mark Children's House staff has created a specific account for this event. Click on the team photo and learn more.

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