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GeorgeMarkLogo donatesmall2Our objective is to Train Together and Fight Together as we benefit the George Mark Children’s House of San Leandro. Train with a purpose and help George Mark Children’s House bridge the gap between hospital and home for families who need the support during their most difficult times. Our goal for 2017 is to raise and exceed $25,000.

The SLPD SWAT Fitness Challenge is an endurance race designed to promote teamwork and sportsmanship. The event requires 4 SWAT team members to complete 6 consecutive events in a single day. These events include water challenges, running, crossfit style exercises and shooting. We encourage spectators to come out and support their teams, eat and have fun on July of 2017.

Starting in 2014 we selected the George Mark Children's House as our charity. $25,000 was successfully raised from that year's fundraising. In the year 2015, we have exceeded our goal of $25,000 and raised $32,000. The George Mark Children's House provides hospice type care to children from throughout our region. To learn more about George Mark Children's House , please visit GeorgeMark.org  

Our fundraising for 2017 has started and we are hoping to surpass last year's mark. 100% of the donations into the weblink go to the charity. The George Mark Children's House staff has created a specific account for this event.

Watch the video above for an in depth look and understanding of the cause.



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We can't thank you enough for visiting our website. As a partnership with our local communities, we are hoping to surpass our goal of $25,000.

Donation Goals

thermometer02   Current Goal-
   $ 25000

   2017 Current
   $ 0


2016 Fundraised: Over $ 96,046
2015 Fundraised: Over $ 32,000
2014 Fundraised: Over $ 25,000

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Randy Brandt

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