Event Summary



Scoring- Events 1-6 are worth 400-480 points each depending on how many teams attend. The first place team will receive between 400-480 points and each team after that will minus 10 points per position. Example: 4th place in the first event would get 450 points if 48 teams compete and 370 if 40 teams compete.

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article-e1smallEvent 1 - The four person team will need to complete 200 repetitions of each exercise with only one member moving at a time. The fastest team to complete all of the disciplines wins the event. (Watch the training video in videos section for further explanation.)
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article-e2smallEvent 2 - Weighted carry event. This event will last 10 minutes and will require weighted objects to be carried along a 120 foot marked path. The most repetitions completed will win the event. (This event changes each year and requires teams to strategize and push themselves beyond their limits.)
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article-e3smallEvent 3 - Long run, all members will run approximately 6  miles along the bay. Object(s) will be carried for the first mile and discarded prior to continuing. Spectators should be able to monitor their team’s progress throughout the course. Click for attached map.
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article-e4smallEvent 4 - All four members will complete a group swim assisted by floatation devices. The course will be around 800 yards in the bay. All members need to be in the water. Click for attached map.
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article-e5smallEvent 5 - Weighted run. Part 1 - 3 mile run to Davis Street Range carring object(s). Part 2 - 1.5 mile run back to the event hub on a slightly different course. The combined times from part 1 and 2 will be your overall event time for event 5. Click for attached map.
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article-e6smallEvent 6 - (Range) Bulls-eye range course, all members will shoot together on line. The team's range score will be cut in half and used for the event total. (Click here to download the official target used.)
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article-e7small*Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) Training - Our organization recognizes the importance of training first responders in advanced first aid. We have added a Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) training component into our event to enhance the skills for each team.
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Donation Earnings


Our goal is to raise as
much as we can.

Goal: $25,000

Current: $11,680

2016: $96,000

2015: $32,000

2014: $25,000

Total: $153,000