Required Steps:

The interested team should contact us to see if there is space to reserve their spot. They will need to click on the donation link below and make a donation of preferably $500. $140 is the minimum but this will mean we will be required to raise more funds elsewhere to meet our goals. 100% of the entry fees go directly to the charity. The charity provides care to children from throughout the region, not just San Leandro. We don't want the registration costs to deter any teams from participating.


The team must download an event waiver below and complete the waiver and bring it with them to check-in. You may also download the Event Flyer below as well.


pdficon Team Waiver         pdficon  Event Flyer

We will add the registering team to our distribution list and they will start receiving event updates. Their team name will also be added to the 2017 team list. The event will be capped at 44 teams.

*Attention - Some teams have support staff attending the event. The support staff is only able to run the long course once the object(s) have been discarded. They may also run the return section for Event 5.

All the team needs to do then is show up on July 13th 2017, with the following equipment:

  • 4 duty gun belts
  • 4 duty weapons
  • 3 magazines- each
  • 30 rounds each
  • 4 sets of eye protection
  • Fitness apparel for the event
  • Towel
  • Shoes for water event
    (old Athletic Shoes will work)
  • Hydration system (optional)
  • Level 1, 2 or 3 Life Jacket
    (Optional if they want a dry one. The life jacket
    will be inspected prior to the water event)

Donation Earnings


Our goal is to raise as
much as we can.

Goal: $25,000

Current: $11,680

2016: $96,000

2015: $32,000

2014: $25,000

Total: $153,000